Blue Heeler Film Festival Runs With The Times

"The theme of the Pandemic was chosen due to the times we are living in"
South African Film Festival

South African Film Festival opens online this week with vibrant film, doco program

We’re not getting to South Africa anytime soon, so the South African Film Festival brought it here
The Godmother

The Godmother

The particular focus of The Godmother is a refreshing one

The Sign Painter

Set in Latvia on the eve of the Second World War and amidst the then Latvian dictatorship, a local, Christian sign painter finds himself in love with a Jewish girl

Irish Film Festival Navigates 2020

“Necessity is the mother of invention"
summerland british film festival


Set on an English shore less than typically idyllic against the impending Nazi blitz, a child is evacuated from London and lodged with Alice
SF3 2020 (1)
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SF3 in 2020

“A lot of Festivals cancelled because of COVID so it’s a real testament that you went ahead this year”
The World's Best Film

Making “The World’s Best Film”

“The World’s Best Film” doesn’t need to be the world’s best film, nor is the title as audacious as it sounds
Sea Fever Sydney Film Festival

Sea Fever

It’s the mark of a great thriller when it hits the most well-worn horror tropes and you barely notice
Resistance Jewish International Film Festival


Those famous aren’t always known for their greatest achievements
New Filmmaker Challenges: Festivals Launch Isolation Comps
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New Filmmaker Challenges: Festivals Launch Isolation Comps

"We want to see what that world looks like from each individual’s perspective"
'We Are One' Brings the Many - SFF's Nashen Moodley on a World of Festivals Brought Together

‘We Are One’ Brings the Many – SFF’s Nashen Moodley on a World of Festivals Brought Together

"It's a wonderful opportunity for our audience to engage with the culture of these Festivals"
Queen & Slim

Queen & Slim

You’re going to hear a lot about how Queen & Slim is a lot like other movies, except it’s not.
French Film Festival 2020 Set to Launch

French Film Festival 2020 Set to Launch

The 31st Alliance Francaise French Film Festival is almost here and like the cheese and wine in tow the movies are reliably promising; here’s a few picks to see us through March
The Invisible Man
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The Invisible Man

First thing’s first; H.G. Wells this is not
'Challenging and Off The Radar;' Static Vision Launches Hyperlinks
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‘Challenging and Off The Radar;’ Static Vision Launches Hyperlinks

“When we started Static Vision, our main goal was to bring out audacious and experimental films that were either too small, too challenging or off-the-radar of Sydney's general Festival circuit”
"An attitude, an ambition;" Fantastic Film Festival lands in Sydney and Melbourne

“An attitude, an ambition;” Fantastic Film Festival lands in Sydney and Melbourne

“The thing that I found so exciting about programming the festival was that for a film to be a piece of fantastic cinema it doesn’t need to align with any conventional festival criteria”
A Hidden Life

A Hidden Life

There’s something really important (mostly) missing from A Hidden Life; peculiar for a film with so much
Flickerfest Launches Into 2020
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Flickerfest Launches Into 2020

Now entering year 29, Flickerfest has launched into action at its local home and mainstay the Bondi Pavilion
Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit

The problem with ‘Jojo Rabbit’ isn’t that it’s offensive. It isn’t offensive, it’s just that it’s not especially good