“Animals is about two women around their early thirties and figuring out whether can continue to party and live together and be wild or whether there’s something else they want in life.”

“I love Dublin so much, we got to really fall in love with Dublin and suddenly all the streets and the weird, dilapidated buildings and everything really grew the style of the film, visually it transformed the film.”

Animals Director Sophie Hyde on the local premiere of her new flick tonight at the Sydney Film Festival

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Animals screens as part of the Sydney Film Festival on Saturday 8 June at 8:30PM at the Randwick Ritz, Thursday the 13th of June at 8:30PM at the Hayden Orpheum Cremorne and Saturday 15 June at 9PM at Event Cinemas George Street, as part of the Melbourne International Film Festival on August 2 at 6:45PM at Hoyts Melbourne Central, August 4 at 6:30PM at The Capitol and August 18 at 11AM at Hoyts Melbourne Central, as part of the Travelling Film Festival on Sunday August 4 in Wollongong, as part of the Brisbane Queer Film Festival on September 9, as part of the Darwin International Film Festival on September 21, as part of the Real Film Festival in Newcastle on November 17 and screens as part of Screenwave on January 10 & 13, 2020

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