“Dark Place is five wickedly twisted tales from the next generation of Aboriginal Writer/Directors all looking at the post-colonial Aboriginal experience through the horror genre”

“The comedy and the horror was actually quite difficult to blend. Obviously with comedy it’s very subjective and some people find certain things funny and other people find something really quite offensive. It was about finding that balance.”

“Each film has a different slant on what it means to be a blackfella in Australia… with ‘Killer Native’ there’s absolutely a sense that the burden of history is something that we should all be terrified by.”

“It’s exciting to put it in front of people’s eyes to see what the response is… I just hope that they enjoy the points of view that these filmmakers have because they are unique and they’re looking at the horror genre in a very different way”

Dark Place Producer Majhid Heath on the World Premiere of the Australian Indigenous horror anthology at the Sydney Film Festival – screening at the Melbourne International Film Festival on August 14 at 6:30PM and August 16 at 9:00PM at Hoyts Melbourne Central, as part of CinefestOz on August 29 at 8:15PM at Orana Cinemas and as part of the Brisbane International Film Festival on October 4 & 5

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