“Dirty God is a feature film about a young mother from London who is the victim of an acid attack. The movie starts after she comes out of hospital and needs to rebuild her life” – Sacha Polak

“I knew what was going to be in the script but it was more the personal emotions and feelings that came with it. My accident happened sixteen years ago when I was eight years old. As a kid growing up I didn’t understand what had happened, why it happened. Playing it as an adult, a new burns survivor, it was difficult, especially the close up scenes of my scars in the beginning of the film, I got quite emotional for that.

“I didn’t really understand what those shots were for so when I first saw it on the big screen; I’ve cried for fifteen years for what, I look no different to anyone else. I saw it from a different perspective which I thought was amazing because doing this movie, it’s completely changed the way I am and the way I see myself.

“I’m very proud that we’ve made this film and I hope that it can give the message to other people that being different is OK and there’s nothing wrong with being different” – Vicky Knight

Dirty God Director Sacha Polak & Star Vicky Knight on the Australian premiere of their new feature at the Sydney Film Festival

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Dirty God screens on Saturday 15 June at 2PM at the Randwick Ritz as part of the Sydney Film Festival and screens as part of the Melbourne International Film Festival on August 10 at 1:30PM at the Sofitel Melbourne and August 17 at 4PM at Kino and as part of Screenwave on January 10 and 18, 2020

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