It’s that oh so disquieting, insightful, morbid mind-bogglingly fun time of year with the Sydney Underground Film Festival launching the 2019 program! The purveyors of all things colourful with classes and comps to boot – in honour of the Festival’s 13th year we’ve compiled 13 of our favourite additions from this year’s Fest!

Harmony Korine’s much anticipated follow-up to Spring BreakersThe Beach Bum kicks off proceedings with an Opening Night Party/special Odorama Screening! The theatre will release “appropriately timed bong fog (totally legal, cannabis/THCfree folks) to enhance your viewing pleasure!” 

TrashFest staple Andrew Leavold takes us upriver into Nigeria’s Z-grade cinema trove and Uganda’s Wakaliwood in the very appropriately titled Flying Baptists Over Nollywood

Sundance premiere and Oscar-Winner Olivia Colman’s latest Them That Follow takes us far into Appalachia with Walton Goggins along for the ride into “full-blown body-horror territory”

The Exorcist and French Connection Director is front and centre for this doco featuring interviews with Francis Ford Coppola, Quentin Tarantino, Wes Anderson, Dario Argento and many more in Friedkin Uncut

Moon Conspiracy Extravaganza is exactly what it sounds – an audio-visual journey on whether this was actually the biggest hoax ever perpetrated

SXSW Grand Jury Winner Alice from Australia’s Josphine Mackerras explores the world of sex work in the Director’s much-touted debut

Jesse Eisenberg and Allesandro Nivola continue their respective runs with The Art of Self-Defense – Karate Kid this is not

In Braid lifelong best friends on the run hide out in their childhood friend and agoraphobic heiress Daphne’s gothic mansion – makes sense

Nick Offerman narrates this blackest of comedies where Nebraskan substitute teacher Frances Ferguson (Kaley Wheless) breaks the mundanity of daily life in a… not recommended way

Ever notice that the Romantic Comedy is a bit repetitive, samey, maybe a bit conservative? Well Elizabeth Sankey did – and that basing your life on rom-com conventions might not be the best idea

One of several valuable masterclasses, SFX For Low-Budget Films Workshop takes you through what it takes to make your flick that much more exciting

A 48-hour film challenge with prizes up for grabs – see your flick up on the big screen before Closing and register for the TAKE48 comp August 23-25!

Close out this year’s run with Riley Keogh’s The Lodge – cults, cabins and Serendipity icecream on arrival made custom for SUFF!

The Sydney Underground Film Festival 2019 screens from September 12-15 at Marrickville’s Factory Theatre

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