“I’d describe it as a dark comedic thriller at it’s core. It’s about a son who’s been estranged from his dad for thirty years and gets a cryptic letter; “come and visit me, I live in a very isolated cabin,” as they all do. Elijah Wood plays the son, he goes to visit the father and things go a little awry. Less is more really in terms of discussing it, I want the audiences to experience it for themselves for the first time and go in with as little knowledge about the proceedings as possible because that’s the only way to guarantee maximum enjoyment for this film”

“I’ve lived and breathed this type of cinema – for me to switch gears and become a Director, all I can offer the audience out there, the listening fans of this sort of cinema is that I’ve seen everything out there. As a fan making a film I wanted to make something that I knew would resonate with people who are savvy and maybe a little bit discerning, they’ve seen a lot. It’s hard to surprise these guys because they’ve seen everything.”

“All I do is usually look for flaws in everything that I work on but I’m really happy with this, it’s come out really great and I know they’ll have a great time.”

Ant Timpson on Come To Daddy’s International Premiere at the Sydney Film Festival, the first and only New Zealand film to feature Elijah Wood that wasn’t written by J.R.R. Tolkein which also screens at the Melbourne International Film Festival on August 2 at 9PM at the Forum Theatre and August 3 at 11:30PM at the Sofitel Melbourne and as part of Monster Fest on Saturday Nov 2 in Brisbane and Sunday Nov 3 in Perth, Canberra & Adelaide

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