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The Taiwan Film Festival is an annual film festival event to provide a professional showcase platform for Taiwanese filmmakers to promote the Taiwan filming industry and culture in Sydney, Australia

Sydney (Jul 9-30, 2020)

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❤️One of the #TaiwanFilmFest short film competition juries, Maya Newell's film In My Blood It Runs documentary will be screening on Sunday 5 July 9.30 pm on ABC TV + iview. Compelling storytelling through the eyes of a 10-year-old boy, Dujuan. Highly recommended!! https://iview.abc.net.au/show/in-my-blood-it-runs "The film reveals the violence of the education and criminal justice systems. But it also shows how families navigate through, negotiate with, and refuse to comply with these systems." - Lily Brown, The Conversation. ❤️《雪梨台灣影展》短片競賽評審Maya Newell的紀錄片作品 《In My Blood It Runs documentary》週日(7月5日)9.30pm 將於ABC TV + iview頻道播出!描述一名十歲的原住民小孩Dujuan,遭受教育與司法體制的邊緣化,但家中成員始終堅持他們的傳統與信仰,讓Dujuan可以更健康的成長,不受這社會價值來綁架他們的傳統。https://iview.abc.net.au/show/in-my-blood-it-runs
❤️This year's key vision is out now, and you can sign up for a copy to display at your office, shop, or restaurant. Simply fill in your request here: https://forms.gle/sjQL1pxHNe2UoNYm9 We will start to send them out by early July. This year's full program and tickets go on sale from 9 to 30 July. Spread the words using #TaiwanFilmFest ! https://www.taiwanfilmfestival.org.au ❤️ 今年《雪梨台灣影展》主視覺公佈嘍!目前開放登記海報來張貼在你的辦公室、咖啡店或是餐廳,點此連結來填寫資料喔https://forms.gle/sjQL1pxHNe2UoNYm9 我們將在七月初寄送海報給大家。而今年影展節目單將於七月九號公告,且在同日開始售票觀賞喔,敬請期待!https://www.taiwanfilmfestival.org.au Designers Ariel Tsai and Nancy Lee
The 67th Sydney Film Festival: Virtual Edition starting today, with a total of 33 films includes features, documentaries and short films. Buy a bundle to save more. $199 to access the whole festival content or $14 for an individual film. Highly recommend purchasing Screenability package for just $5 and you will be able to watch three outstanding short films, Diving In, Groundhog Night, and Safety Net. Book now at https://ondemand.sff.org.au 第67屆《雪梨影展—線上放映》今天正式開跑嘍,片單總共有33部作品包跨紀錄片競賽作品、短片競賽作品和歐洲女性焦點作品。 影展套票199,可以觀賞全部33部!來自《身心障礙》短片片單的《潛水》、《土撥鼠之夜》和《安全網》絕對是今年必看的三部。貼近人心的敘事,且表現出不同年齡層的身活體驗與觀點。訂票連結:https://ondemand.sff.org.au
Sign up to the festival newsletter: taiwanfilmfestival.org.au/newsletter 加入《影展電子報》: taiwanfilmfestival.org.au/newsletter #TaiwanFilmFest 9-30July 2020
Sign up to the festival newsletter: taiwanfilmfestival.org.au/newsletter 加入《影展電子報》: taiwanfilmfestival.org.au/newsletter #TaiwanFilmFest 9-30July 2020
🥳We are so excited to announce the 2nd Short Film Competition finalists and this year we are extremely honoured to have Maya Newell (In My Blood It Runs, Gayby Baby), Ya-Chuan Hsiao (Father to Sun) and Sally Wu (The Good Daughter) to be the competition juries. The winner will be announced on the 23 July. Read more: https://www.taiwanfilmfestival.org.au/post/_2sfc Sign up to the newsletter: taiwanfilmfestival.org.au/newsletter 🥳2020第3屆雪梨(澳洲)台灣影展,於今(25)日公布第2屆短片競賽入圍名單。本競賽秉持著推動台灣與澳洲的電影交流,提拔新晉電影創作者,增進台灣電影在國際間的競爭力。從近60部報名作品中脫穎而出的四部入圍影片,將在今年的雪梨(澳洲)台灣影展放映,並由今年國際評審團 Maya Newell(導演)、蕭雅全(導演)、吳郁瑩(導演)討論決定最後得主,於7月23日公布。閱讀報導:https://www.taiwanfilmfestival.org.au/post/_2sfc 加入《影展電子報》: taiwanfilmfestival.org.au/newsletter
🏳️‍🌈Taiwan Equals Love directed by Sophia Yen and produced by Jay Lin, explored 3 generations fighting for marriage equality in Taiwan from 2016 to 2019. Emotional, when they faced the cruel reality from traditional family and religion values . But it didn't shatter their love instead they fought for the right so they can protect their love ones. Powerful storytelling takes you through the high and low. Now available on Gagaoolala - Find YourStory as to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of marriage equality in Taiwan: https://www.gagaoolala.com/ The journey has only begun, let's keep spreading the love we all deserve. Can't help it but to share this fantastic music video with you: https://youtu.be/vjF0B0holLk 🏳️‍🌈2020最新紀錄片《同愛一家》,描寫了三對伴侶從2016到2019年之間,一群為了愛而從未放棄希望的人們,不停的在為「台灣同性婚姻合法化」努力抗爭、不斷奮鬥,如今才有機會可以驕傲的站在這塊土地上說:「我願意」,開心的迎接每一個的彩虹慶典。由顏卲璇導演和林志杰監製的《同愛一家》可在 Gagaoolala - Find YourStory頻台觀賞:https://www.gagaoolala.com/ 5月24日,將是台灣同婚法一週年慶,路途才剛開始,讓我們繼續散播這份愛!怎麼可不順便推一下這MV:https://youtu.be/vjF0B0holLk
Netflix has worked with various Taiwanese production includes Nowhere Man, Triad Princess, and The Ghost Bride. The latest release The Victims' Game directed by David Chuang and Allen Chen received massive praise and recognition. The story starts with a forensic expert with Asperger's syndrome found the serial murder cases related to his missing daughter. He decided to hide some key exhibits but at the same time cooperate with a bloodthirsty reporter for the investigation. As they get closer to each case, the more mysterious it gets. Is it homicide or suicide, and how they all strangely linked with each other? The Victims' Game explores many aspects of social topics such as gender and equality. Not to mention, the artistic representation and cinematography are truly stunning. Highly recommended to go check it out! Watch Now on Netflix: netflix.com/title/81227121 繼Netflix 原作《罪夢者》、《極道千金》和《彼岸之嫁》,再次與台灣戲劇合作由莊絢維 (人面魚 紅衣小女孩外傳)和陳冠仲(洛西-布拉西)共同執導的《誰是被害者》。故事講述一名患有亞斯伯格症的鑑識員方毅任(張孝全 飾),執行公務時發現一起連環殺人命案與自己失散多年的女兒江曉孟(李沐 飾)有關。決定隱瞞證物的他,同時與嗜血記者徐海茵(許瑋甯 飾)合作調查從一名過氣女歌手被溶屍在旅館浴缸,到一件又一件的命案不停發生。到底是自殺還是他殺,卻又為何每一名死者都在為下一位完成遺願? 《誰是被害者》採用刑偵懸疑的氛圍包裝貫穿不同面向,包括性別認同、勞資糾紛、媒體生態和療養院資源不足等社會議題。故事本身與其探討的社會層面達到平衡,兼顧類型和深度。從技術面切入,美術和攝影皆足以媲美國際水準。 閱讀更多:thenewslens.com/article/134476 一同來觀賞:netflix.com/title/81227121 文:Kai Lin 瀚草影視 Greener Grass Production
Official Selection at Cannes, Golden Horse and Busan International Film Festival, Ten Years Thailand is a stunning collective work of 4 short films with 4 directors. Portraying their visions on the future of Thailand but ironically parallel with the current nation's authoritarian ruling. A masterpiece not to be missed. Screeing 11 March Wed, book now at http://bit.ly/10YearsThai 由曾獲坎城金棕櫚大獎的知名導演Apichatpong Weerasethakul領軍《十年泰國》,四部短片,四位導演採用不同的拍攝手法來反諷著獨權政府、言論自由等種種社會與人權議題。不可錯過的佳作,3月11日 星期三,獨家放映,每張票15元:http://bit.ly/10YearsThai
🇹🇭Ten Years Thailand, selected into Cannes 2018 with Palme d’Or winner Director Apichatpong Weerasethakul to lead the team. An anthology of four short films on how the future of Thailand will become with the continuous ruling of the authoritarian government. Each work is presenting with different futuristic visions ranging from black-and-white drama to neon-bathed sci-fi. It's a must-see, we highly recommended. Screening on 11 March Wed, Only 15 per tix, book now at halfsymbolic.com/film/ten-years-thailand/ 繼香港拍攝的《十年》榮獲金像獎最佳影片後,創立「十年電影工作室」與國際合作創作《十年泰國》、《十年台灣》與《十年日本》。《十年泰國》不但入圍了坎城影展、東京國際影展和金馬影展,由泰國知名導演阿比查邦主領拍攝,四部短片包跨《日落》、《喵托邦》、《天文館》和《城市之歌》。以現代軍事政權的泰國,四部採用不同的風格來表達未來.寫實和奇幻的手法,深深地表現出泰國電影的魅力.鼓勵大家一同來觀賞,3月11日週三,每張票15元:halfsymbolic.com/film/ten-years-thailand/
#TaiwanFilmFest is bringing back the short film competition this year! This time the competition opens up for filmmakers from Taiwan and Australia to submit their works. The short film must have one Taiwanese or Asian representation in the team, no longer than 30 minutes, and the work must be after 1/1/2019. For more info, please visit: taiwanfilmfestival.org.au/sfc Happy Mardi Gras! 🏳️‍🌈❤️🏳️‍🌈 《第三屆 #雪梨台灣影展》短片競賽,現正開放報名。今年的短片競賽開放給台灣與澳洲的創作者,作品必須要有台灣人或是亞洲身份人士在團隊裡面、作品不可超過30分鐘、且影片須為2019年1月1日後(含)完成之作品。詳細競賽內容請至: taiwanfilmfestival.org.au/sfc
2020 Taiwan Film Festival in Sydney is going to take place from the 23-26 July, bring you some of the most exciting and entertaining films directly from Taiwan! Sign up to our newsletter now at https://www.taiwanfilmfestival.org.au/newsletter @ #TaiwanFilmFest www.taiwanfilmfestival.org.au 《第三屆雪梨台灣影展》將於7月23-26日舉行!訂閱影展的電子報以獲取最即時的影展動態https://www.taiwanfilmfestival.org.au/newsletter
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