The Taiwan Film Festival is an annual film festival event in Sydney

Sydney (Jul 25-28, 2019)

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Afghanistan’s first psychedelic metal band will hopefully not be their last ...
Number 37

Number 37

There have been a lot of adaptations, homages or films otherwise inspired by Rear Window; ...
The Drummer and the Keeper

The Drummer and the Keeper

Casting matters. So does chemistry ...
The Seen and Unseen

The Seen and Unseen

Most stories are better without a sledgehammer to drive it’s point home, though subtlety doesn’t ...
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五月天 Mayday LiFE Tour Live 3D special screening this Friday and Saturday at Event Cinemas🎤 featuring Vivian Hsu, Dee Hsu and many more. For all Mayday fans, don't miss out!本週五和週六,全球同步上映五月天《人生無限公司3D》在 Event Cinemas !演唱會電影請來,影帝黃渤及梁家輝現身主演,還有小S、名模林志玲以及「小鮮肉」易烊千璽助陣。粉絲們,別錯過了!Trailer:
🧘‍♂️A Touch of Zen is certainly the godfather of martial arts- wuxia genre cinemas. The film was made after Hu’s huge commercial success, Dragon Inn (1967). Unlike his previous works, A Touch of Zen is to be more complex, blending diverse cinematic elements, and of course more exciting fighting scenes than ever. The iconic fighting scene in the bamboo forest has influenced and inspired many directors includes Ang Lee, Zhang Yimou, and Tsui Hark. Screening at Art Gallery of New South Wales this Sunday:《俠女》改編自華語經典小說《聊齋志異》,曾於1975年榮獲坎城影展「法國電影最高技術委員會大獎」和金馬的「最佳色彩影片美術設計獎」,並於2015年被時代周刊評選為「百大不朽電影」之一。胡金銓導演在拍攝完《龍門客棧》之後,獲得許多肯定與讚賞,然不同於胡金銓導演的早期作品,《俠女》細膩的場景與佈置,武俠打鬥場面更是擴大了格局,其中經典的竹林打鬥情節,更是影響了李安、張藝謀和徐克等導演。本週日將在新南威爾士美術館播放,購票連結:!#TaiwanFilmFest
2019 Taiwan Film Festival in Sydney will take place at Event Cinemas George St on the 25-28 July. Full program announcement on 20 June. Sign up to our newsletter now and be the first to hear about up-coming announcements:第二屆《雪梨台灣影展》將於7月25-28日盛大舉行,期間將播放許多來自台灣的優質電影作品,敬請期待!完整片單將於6月20日公布!歡迎訂閱影展會員信,即時獲得最新的獨家資訊喔:
2019 Taiwan Film Festival in Sydney will take place at Event Cinemas George St on the 25-28 July. Full program announcement on 20 June. Sign up to our newsletter now and be the first to hear about up-coming announcements:第二屆《雪梨台灣影展》將於7月25-28日盛大舉行,期間將播放許多來自台灣的優質電影作品,敬請期待!完整片單將於6月20日公布!歡迎訂閱影展會員信,即時獲得最新的獨家資訊喔:
Only two more weeks until the end of Heaven and earth in Chinese art: treasures from the Taipei National Palace Museum. The exhibition showcase 87 artworks including some of the well-known national treasures like Along the River During the Qingming Festival, Meat-Shaped Stone, Portrait of the Hongzhi Emperor, and many more. A rare opportunity to see some of the highest artistic achievements across 5000 years of Chinese history. To win a double pass to see this exhibition at #ArtGalleryofNSW, simply comment and tell us: What will you carve if you have a piece of jade?《新南威爾士藝術博物館》「天地人- 台北國立故宮博物院珍寶展」展覽,展出80多樣樣國寶,剩下最後兩個禮拜喔!展覽包含國際知名文物「肉形石」、「清明上河圖」、「明孝宗弘治坐像」等!贏兩張「天地人- 台北國立故宮博物院珍寶展」參展票卷,在底下留言寫出:『如果你有一塊玉,你會雕刻成什麼造型?』The winner will be notified through the private message on Monday 22 April. 我們將在週一(4月22號)選出幸運者!Find out more about the exhibition:
Award-winning masterpiece Yi Yi (A One and a Two) directed by Edward Yang, showing this Sunday at Art Gallery of New South Wales. With aesthetics cinematography, each angles beautifully capture the distance between human relations and the chaos of city life. Edward Yang elegantly uses classical music and camera as two main mediums to diversify the point-of-view with love, relationships, family and death. This is a must-see for all cinephiles. Book your tickets now at《一一》是台灣新浪潮電影導演楊德昌的代表作之一,曾榮獲多項國際大獎和影評人的肯定,而本週日4/21號你將有機會在雪梨的新南威爾士博物館觀賞!
🥋Ash Is Purest White (2019) directed by Zhang-Ke Jia, Official Selection for Palme d'Or at 2018 Cannes Film Festival. Fierce, gripping and emotional, Director Jia's latest masterpiece is a soulful tale of romance and betrayal in the underworld. Special one-off screening on the 13 April at Event Cinema George St, presented by Half Symbolic Films. Book your tickets at🥋賈樟柯導演最新作《江湖兒女》,入圍第71屆 《坎城國際電影節》主競賽單元,角逐最高榮譽金棕櫚獎!女主角趙濤,也在2018亞太電影大獎(Asia Pacific Screen Awards)榮獲最佳女主角。豐富的情感與恩斷義絕的江湖社會,展現出對時代變遷和人性的無力感。電影創作意味十足,反映出女性主義的崛起。 4月13日特別雪梨獨家獻映  ,購票連結:
Three Times (2005) directed by Hsiao-hsien Hou, was listed on The New York Times as one of the best 25 films from the 21st century. Three Times is playing at Art Gallery of New South Wales this week, constructed with three separate stories and set in different years, but using the same actors to show the mysterious within the story. "The film’s sensuous mise-en-scène and tripartite form continue to influence filmmakers, most recently inspiring Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight (2016)". Check out the sessions detail:侯孝賢執導的《最好的時光》,本週將在新南威爾美術館播放喔!故事使用三段不同年份,配上寫實的呈現手法表現出愛情的三種面貌,皆由張震與舒淇主演。入圍紐約時報《21世紀最厲害的25部電影之一》,受到許多國內外影展的肯定與支持。美術館播放時刻表:
💙More Than Blue (2018) directed by Hsiao-Chien Lin is now screening at Event Cinemas in Sydney. The film had its world premiere at the 23rd Busan International Film Festival, 5000 tickets sold out within 5 minutes. The story starts with the boy (K, an ill musician) lives with his childhood friend (Cream, an lyricist). Due to K's illness, he decided to find a partner for Cream without her knowing what's really going on. To win a double pass to see this film at Event Cinemas, simply comment and tell us what's your favourite Asian film in 2018?More Than Blue (2018) sessions:💙由林孝謙導演改編自南韓電影《比悲傷更悲傷的故事》正式在雪梨上映嘍!男主角K(張哲凱 飾)和女主角Cream(宋媛媛 飾)同居多年,但因為K的疾病,導致他擅自為Cream 找尋能給她幸福的伴侶。《比悲傷更悲傷的故事》讓許多人在電影院爆哭到情緒無法收回,榮獲了2018台灣最賣座和最有哭點的寶座。留言寫下2018年最喜歡的亞洲電影,就有機會贏得兩張《比悲傷更悲傷的故事》Event Cinemas電影票喔!(總共給出十張,送完為止)#小編爆料第一個留言的必中獎!
🎉🛎🎉Congratulation to all the #Oscar winners this year, epically BAO by Domee Shi and Becky Neiman-Cobb won Best Animated Short Film, ROMA by Alfonso Cuarón won Best Foreign Language Film, and of course, GREEN BOOK by Peter Farrelly won Best Feature. See the full list here:恭喜第91屆奧斯卡的兩大贏家《羅馬》和《幸福綠皮書》!
而最佳動畫短片則是由Domee Shi和Becky Neiman-Cobb主導的《包子》獲得,是今年奧斯卡唯一獲勝的亞洲作品。期待明年能夠有更多亞洲作品入圍!完整得獎名單:
Thank you all who came to the screening this afternoon. It's been an honour to co-presenting with Queer Screen #MGFF19. If you are interested in more Asian cinemas or Taiwanese LGBT  films, make sure you check out the Art Gallery of New South Wales Film series: neon god. Especially check out The End of the Track (screening in March) and Small Talk (screening in May). Full program:感謝大家今天來觀賞《你找什麼?》!如果喜歡台灣電影或是亞洲酷兒電影系列,歡迎來參加新南威爾士博物館的🎇【霓虹神-台灣電影回顧展】。特別推薦《跑道終點》和《日常對話》。詳細節目單,請至: Credit: Ariel Wang
Volunteer Credit: Casey Lai, Tahlia Coleman
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