The Taiwan Film Festival is an annual film festival event in Sydney

Sydney (Jul 25-28, 2019)

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The Ghost of Peter Sellers

The Ghost of Peter Sellers

Imitated, parodied, celebrated, overrated… there’s a lot of views on the man immortalised as Inspector ...


Film about Aussie ska legends STRANGE TENANTS premieres in Melbourne ...


Let’s get this out of the way first; Booksmart is a good film ...
Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

One rarely expects a film as good as ‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ to ...
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The River reviews by David Stratton- "The three principal actors fit their roles like gloves, and the handsome camerawork (by Liao Peng-jung) is a major asset. There’s no music, just natural sounds on the track. The film is highly professional in every aspect." Read more:💧Book now at澳洲知名影評家David Stratton在1997年為《河流》寫下的影評『三位主角的關係如此相依聯繫著,如同一個手套。沒有伴奏,只有來自拍攝現場的聲音。精緻的電影鏡頭規劃,整部片每個細節都為專業與頂級』💧購票連結『《河流》是死淤的河水,再無其他。在蔡明亮眼中,現實沒有清流,沒有活水,陰雨和污水構造著社會的液體,它的流通只能製造痛苦、隔離、憂鬱,可能只有眼淚是潔凈的,它又是那樣孤單和珍貴的。』- 王素
#TaiwanFilmFest 2019 is only 10 days away, some of the outstanding selections include Nina Wu, Ohong Village, Your Face, Xiao Mei, and many more. This is your only chance to see those masterpieces on the big screen. So book your tickets now《雪梨台灣影展》片單包跨開幕片《蚵豐村》、閉幕《川流之島》、《我們的青春,在台灣》、《瘋狂電視台瘋電影》、《疾風魅影 黑貓中隊》、《河流》、《狂徒》、《小美》、《你的臉》、《灼人秘密》。影展開幕,倒數最後一週!快點來搶票喔:
#TaiwanFilmFest had an amazing vollie session this afternoon. This is only half of the volunteer team 😱I know right. How are we gonna remember all their names.😂We are ready to ROCK & ROLL ! So book your tickets now《#雪梨台灣影展》義工團隊❤️(這還只是一半的團員而已,要怎麼記住全部人的名字呀😂)我們準備好嘍!還沒沒票的快點來訂票喔
Let's watch Ohong Village and eat this simple and delicious Wu-Mu Chow Mein with Spicy Sauce Flavour. For your secret guilty pleasure to enjoy. Wu-Mu Chow Mein is available in your local Asian grocery shops. Seriously tasty! #TaiwanFilmFestBook your tickets now to see Ohong Village:看《蚵豐村》吃 夠味又夠勁的五木拉麵 Wu-Mu -四川乾拌麵! 手工刀削的寬麵體,配上獨特的麻辣調味包,攪拌調味,配上自己想要的額外食材。簡單且美味,絕對是屬於你私人獨享的一餐!五木大麻辣四川乾拌麵,能夠在大眾亞超購買喔!開幕片《蚵豐村》 by Ettason Pty Ltd 林和成貿易公司
YEAH! Four Taiwanese films selected for this year's Melbourne International Film Festival, including Nina Wu, Your Face, Long Time No Sea and A Family Tour.Long Time No Sea, took 6 years to complete by female director Yung-Hui Tsui. The boy Chia-Chun Chung's stunning performance won Golden Horse Best New Performance in 2018. The film tells the story of Taiwanese aboriginal's lifestyle and cultures.A Family Tour, Chinese director Liang Ying who exiling himself to Hong Kong and collaboration with Taiwanese filming team. Sharing his own personal experience on the Chinese censorship.Book your tickets now at哇!墨爾本的粉絲有福嘍!今年《墨爾本影展》有四部台灣佳作入選,包跨《灼人秘密》、《你的臉》、《只有大海知道》和《自由行》!《只有大海知道》男孩鍾家駿去年榮獲最佳新演員獎,打敗了飾演《范保德》片中的傅孟柏。女導演崔永徽將蘭嶼與達悟族文化溫馨且真實的把自己長期體驗的故事分享到大銀幕上。
快點去搶票喔: x #MIFF
#TaiwanFilmFest 2019 is only two weeks away, with ten exceptional films and six short films.Opening the festival is the stunning Ohong Village, shot in 16mm and set in the remote southwest of Taiwan. The program also features Nina Wu, which premiered at Cannes Film Festival. Your Face and The River by Ming-Liang Tsai, and powerful documentaries Our Youth in Taiwan and Lost Black Cats- 35th Squadron. Check out the full program now at《雪梨台灣影展》片單包跨開幕片《蚵豐村》、閉幕《川流之島》、《我們的青春,在台灣》、《瘋狂電視台瘋電影》、《疾風魅影 黑貓中隊》、《河流》、《狂徒》、《小美》、《你的臉》、《灼人秘密》。還沒購票的,快點來搶票喔!官網:
Nominated for Panorama Best First Feature at Berlin Film Festival, Xiao Mei featuring the award-winning The Great Buddha+ director Hsin-Yao Huang. Mysterious soul searching trying to find out the missing woman named Xiao Mei. Book now at入圍了金馬最佳攝影、原創電影音樂和歌曲,也曾受邀於昆士蘭當代美術館播放的《小美》,集結了迷幻、懸疑和驚悚元素,並由《大佛普拉斯》導演黃信堯為電影旁白開嗓。以偽紀錄片的形式,透過一段段訪談慢慢勾勒出小美的樣貌。購票資訊
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Show bring the successful comedy theatre production Crazy TV to the big screen. It's funny, crazy and entertaining. Using many Taiwanese television shows as references in every set. Certainly will bring back a lot of memories for those who follow Taiwanese shows. Book now:《瘋狂電視台瘋電影》改編熱門舞台劇—瘋狂電視台,重現多部經典電視節目:五燈獎、康熙來了和全民大悶鍋等。熱愛電視節目製作的小葉(歐漢聲 飾)被升任節目總監,與搭檔阿比(劉冠廷 飾)和少女Diva(林明禎 飾),在最困難的情況下,製作出令人意外的各種瘋狂節目。購票連結
#TaiwanFilmFest sat down with Director Lim from Ohong Village to discuss the process and message behind the film. Ohong Village was mostly shot in 16mm with various meaningful elements incorporated into the film. Read more at《雪梨台灣影展》很開心有這個榮幸可以跟​《蚵豐村》導演林龍吟,一起來探討導演的風格受到哪些國際知名導演的影響和電影背後的許多含義與訊息。中文專訪影音檔,可在文章底下收聽喔!閱讀全文
#TaiwanFilmFest Closing NightFilm: The Island That All Flow By, beautifully frame by frame, stunning and realistic acting by Ivy Yin who won Best Actress for the role. The film tells the story of a single mother struggles to survive during the cultural transformation in the city of Taipei. Find out more at《川流之島》入圍金馬最佳新導演和最佳女主角,精采動人的故事、演員充滿爆發力的演出,打倒許多高成本的電影,絕對是值得影迷注目的作品。故事敘說著中年失婚的阿雯(尹馨 飾)扛著財務與家庭的壓力,在關鍵時刻貨車司機志豪(鄭人碩 飾)駛入她的生命。但他們的人生究竟是否會因次順利呢?購票資訊
Taiwanese auteur Ming-Liang Tsai — had been bringing his films to the gallery in the last couple of years. But this time he determined to bring the art into the cinemas instead. Your Face (2018) a brilliant study of portraiture featuring a synthesiser score by acclaimed composer Ryuichi Sakamoto. "Cinema is a way of gazing and my latest work Your Face is also gazing into those weathered faces. Without any narrative, they have the freedom to do whatever they want in front of the camera" said Director Tsai. Don't miss out this masterpiece. Book now at藝術電影大師—蔡明亮最新力作《你的臉》把美術館的藝術搬近電影院,透過這些「臉」的紀錄,配上知名配樂大師板本龍一,讓你靜下來沈浸在凝視之間的美。沒有太多的對白,卻留下簡單又深沉的餘韻。購票連結
Nina Wu, selected for Cannes Film Festival and written by Ke-Xi Wu. Inspired by the Me Too movement, she wants to write a story from the female perspective and also from her own personal experience of working for the film industry in the last couple of years. Book now at編劇兼主演吳可熙與導演趙德胤,首次挑戰懸疑驚悚《灼人秘密》!受到了全球 #metoo 事件的啟發,編劇吳可熙想用女性的角色與親身的體驗來敘說演藝界幕後的殘酷現實。演員陣容更是包含夏于喬、宋芸樺等人,千萬別錯過嘍!購票資訊
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