“Ireland’s had a dance music culture but there’s a bit of a problem with late night venues closing – one of the places we shot in, District 8, got knocked down recently, I think Dublin needs to work out what it’s priorities are in terms of the seventy odd hotels going up at the moment which is grand but where are those people going to go out if all the venues have been knocked down?

“In terms of the locations we shot it was important to me that we were bang in the middle of town but we weren’t doing expected tourist stuff, we’re not on O’Connell Street we’re a laneway off it… one of the things I like about the film is that it makes the argument that there’s value in stories that are right in the centre of town even if they are not the landmarks; the tributaries, not just the main river should be listened to as well.

“I love when I’m watching something and I feel like I’ve been put in somewhere, thrown in the deep end. I think you’ll see Dublin in a way you might not have, possibly not even if you’ve visited.”

‘Dublin Oldschool’ will screen at Paddington’s Chauvel Cinema on May 4 and Melbourne’s Kino Cinema on May 11 as part of the Irish Film Festival

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