Ground-breaking documentaries about our global culture in transition towards a sustainable future

Melbourne (Jan 21, 28, 2020 + Feb 21, 24, 2020), Sydney, Adelaide (February 2020)

21jan8:00 pm10:00 pmMMeets—Climate Emergency Cinema8:00 pm - 10:00 pm MPavilion, Queen Victoria Gardens, St Kilda RoadFest:Transitions Film Festival 0 <~ Add to My Wishlist

28jan8:00 pm10:00 pmMMeets—Climate Emergency Cinema8:00 pm - 10:00 pm MPavilion, Queen Victoria Gardens, St Kilda RoadFest:Transitions Film Festival 0 <~ Add to My Wishlist

20feb(feb 20)7:00 pm05mar(mar 5)12:00 amTransitions Film Festival 2020(february 20) 7:00 pm - (march 5) 12:00 am Cinema Nova, 380 Lygon StreetFest:Transitions Film Festival 0 <~ Add to My Wishlist

21feb7:30 pm10:30 pmGreenscreen & Transitions Film Festival pres. 'Anotes Ark'7:30 pm - 10:30 pm Fest:Transitions Film Festival 0 <~ Add to My Wishlist

24feb6:30 pm11:00 pmVR For Change- Real World VR/Transitions Film Festival Talk6:30 pm - 11:00 pm Loop Project Space & Bar, 23 Meyers PlaceFest:Transitions Film Festival 0 <~ Add to My Wishlist

20feb(feb 20)7:00 pm05mar(mar 5)12:00 amTransitions Film Festival 2020(february 20) 7:00 pm - (march 5) 12:00 am Cinema Nova, 380 Lygon StreetFest:Transitions Film Festival 0 <~ Add to My Wishlist

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Knives Out

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Today's Climate Emergency Cinema - Impact Shorts - has been canceled. The EPA is warning people to stay indoors where possible. We will look to reschedule the event in the near future. Stay safe everyone. MPavilion Little Projector Company - Projector Bike Climactic
Metamorphosis captures the true scale of the global environmental crisis. Forest fires consume communities, species vanish, and entire ecosystems collapse. Economic growth, tied to increased speed of resource extraction, has created a machine with the capacity to destroy all life. But this crisis is also an opportunity for transformation. Through a tidal flow of stunning images, Metamorphosis carves a path from the present to the future, and offers a bold new vision for humanity and the world. In Milan, architects design vertical forests, urban towers covered with trees and bushes that reduce CO2, produce oxygen, and give new life to the city. In Phoenix, Arizona, swimming pools are repurposed into self-sustaining gardens, lush with plants and fish that generate food for people. In LA, installing solar panels in underserved neighbourhoods provides cleaner energy to families who normally would not be able to access it. Woven through these and other stories of creativity and reinvention from artists, scientists, thinkers, and young children are creative, systemic solutions for our planet, and for our communities as well. From the deep ecologic connection that humans share with each other, a radical form of hope emerges, vibrant and alive, like a chrysalis splitting open to reveal some new thing ready to take flight. CLASSIFICATION: Restricted to persons aged 15 and over unless accompanied by an adult Screening as part of Climate Emergency Cinema! 14 Jan—Climate Emergency Short Films 21 Jan—Metamorphosis 28 Jan—2040 Panel discussions hosted by Climactic Podcast from 8:00pm, films from sundown. M-Pavillion: Located in the Queen Victoria Gardens, opposite Arts Centre Melbourne on St Kilda Road, Melbourne. TRANSITIONS FILM FESTIVAL TAKES PLACE FEB 20 - MARCH 6 AT CINEMA NOVA. #Melbourneevents #Melbevents #climateemergency #TFFest2020 #Events #Melbourne #ClimateCinema #Regeneration #impact #Socent
The Transitions Film Festival screening of The Biggest Little Farm is on December 12! Hailed as one of the best environmental films of 2019, and winner of countless awards, including the recent 'Critic's Choice' award for best cinematography, The Biggest Little Farm must be experienced on the silver screen. With all of the heavy news headlines in recent days, there has never been a more important time to share stories that offer hope and showcase solutions. Enjoy a powerful, entertaining, and uplifting film, and help Transitions Film Festival increase its reach and impact! Book now!
Variety Magazine describes The Biggest Little Farm as 'Fresh air for the soul'. Could your soul use some fresh air? Get your tickets now! #action #Impact #jointheregeneration
Oppressive industry linked to racial and environmental injustice is a story as old as time, so how do we fight against it? Watch one man’s story to fight for his community, even as it is all but completely destroyed. This award-winning film shows how petrochemical industries contaminate the land of a thriving centuries-old black community, and the extraordinary resilience to save an ancestral home. This film is featuring at Environmental Film Festival Australia and is followed by a panel with environmental health and legal experts. See MOSSVILLE: WHEN GREAT TREES FALL screening at cinema nova, 5.15pm Saturday. We've got three double passes up for grabs, simply send us a DM with subject 'MOSSY EFFA' by 5pm tonight for a chance to win. More at:
Great to see our friends from Future Crunch on the bill to inspire #Sydney at the SingularityU Australia summit at the International Convention Centre Sydney - ICC Sydney this month! If you're in need of an entertaining, uplifting, techno-optimism fix, Future Crunch are your humans. Use code TFFSU for a special offer.
Still planning your day? Inspiring words from Bill McKibben might help. Strike because young people have asked us to. In a well-ordered society, when kids make a reasonable request their elders should say yes – in this case with real pride and hope that the next generations are standing up for what matters. Strike because sun and wind are now the cheapest way to generate power around the world – if we could match the political power of the fossil fuel industry we could make fast progress. Strike because every generation faces some great crisis, and this is ours. Strike because the people who did the least to cause this crisis suffer first and worst – the people losing their farms to desert and watching their islands sink beneath the waves aren’t the ones who burned the coal and gas and oil. Strike because coral reefs are so gloriously beautiful and complex – and so vulnerable. Strike because science is real, because physics exists, because chemistry matters. Strike because our governments move with such painful slowness, treating climate change as, at worst, one problem on a long list. Strike because this could be the great opportunity – and maybe the last opportunity – to transform our society towards justice and towards joy. Green New Deals have been proposed around the world; they are a way forward. Strike because forests now seem like fires waiting to happen. Strike because Exxon and the rest knew all about global warming in the 1980s, and then lied so they could keep cashing in. Strike because what we do this decade will matter for hundreds of thousands of years. Strike because the temperature has hit 129F (54C) in big cities in recent summers. The human body can survive that, but only for a few hours. Strike because do we want to be the first generation to leave the planet in worse shape? Strike because batteries are ever cheaper – we can now store sunshine at night, and wind for a calm day. Strike because the UN estimates unchecked climate change could create a billion refugees this century. Strike because the big banks continue to lend hundreds of billions to the fossil fuel industry – people are literally trying to get rich off the destruction of the planet. Strike because what animal fouls its own nest? Strike because indigenous people around the world are trying to protect their rightful land from the coal and oil companies – and in the process protect all of us. Strike because every time they cut down a patch of rainforest to grow some more cows, the climate maths gets harder. Strike so you can look your grandkid – or anyone else’s – in the eye. Strike because the world we were given is still so sweet. #Climatestrike #schoolstrikeforclimate #SS4c Thanks Future Crunch
Breakthrough's latest report reviews the evidence about the scale, timing, and urgency of the risks posed by climate change to determine whether an emergency response is both necessary and feasible. Link to full paper below:
Our friends at RedGrid are bringing the 'internet of energy' to Australia to help solve the climate crisis! They're open for investments for the next few days. If you want to be part of a clean energy future, check out what RedGrid is dreaming up!
The Emerging Innovation Summit 2019 (EIS'19) is a future-shaping event that offers the attendees a rare opportunity to learn with the world’s best innovators and thinkers in rapidly changing world. EIS’19 will bring together an eclectic group of industry, community, and educational leaders and equip them with the knowledge and strategies to be at the forefront of the Industry 4.0.
This October, many of the world's foremost thought leaders, creators, business pioneers, scientists, investors and entrepreneurs will convene in Sydney for an extraordinary event: the 2019 SingularityU Australia Summit! We want you to join us and bring your unique experiences, skills and perspective to learn, interact and collaborate. This is your opportunity to design the future, up close, personal, and out loud. It's time to be the change-makers we want to see in the world. The SingularityU Australia Summit will be deep-diving into "A Future By Design", exploring the latest in exponential technologies and exploring how these technologies can be used to disrupt industries and positively impact the world. Secure your place at
Transitions Film Festival is proud to be a part of a global movement using exponential technologies to change the world now and for generations to come. The SingularityU Australia Summit is bringing together thought leaders, business pioneers, scientists, investors, creators and entrepreneurs from across the globe to meet and collaborate over three extraordinary days in Sydney this October. Join us to work together and solve international challenges for a big social impact. This is our opportunity to design the future, up close, personal, and out loud. Let's be the change-makers we want to see in the world. Secure your place at
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